Frequently Asked Questions

Do I send in an HRA claim form for each EOB that I am submitting?

Only one HRA claim form is needed per submission

Do I need to send in a voided check with each claim submission for EFT payment?

Only if you have a change in banking information. Once you have submitted the voided check, your account will default to EFT mode of payment for future reimbursements.

Does my HRA plan run per my plan renewal for 12 months or calendar year?

Calendar year, except for EBSO, which runs plan year.

Can I submit my latest EOB to reimburse all family members?

If the EOB breaks out the YTD medical deductible accumulator per family member, it is fine to submit the latest EOB you have received. Otherwise, we will need the latest EOB submitted for each family member that has accrued medical deductible charges.

Do I need to wait until the end of the year to submit an HRA claim?

No, you can submit all year long. The purpose of the HRA plan is to reimburse you medical deductible charges above your employee responsibility before you receive the bill from your provider.

Does my HRA plan reimburse co-pays or co-insurance charges?

No, your HRA plan only reimburses medical deductible charges.

Does my HRA plan benefit roll over to the new calendar year if not used?

No, your HRA plan is a reimbursement for medical deductible charges incurred beyond your EE responsibility per calendar year (for EBSO, per plan year). Your HRA plan starts over January 1st of each new year (for EBSO, each new plan year).

Why do I need to submit EOB’s from my secondary insurance coverage?

Your HRA plan is a reimbursement plan by your employer to cover medical deductible charges incurred with your company medical plan. In the case that you have secondary medical coverage by another insurance, than your HRA benefit rolls over to reimburse only what was not paid after the secondary coverage paid out on the service. Therefore, matching EOB’s for each date of service are needed to determine the reimbursement.

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